Gambia CHEAP 1 bed house, rural, secluded in 8-10hrs sun, AVAILABLE NOW! Serekunda

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Gambia CHEAP 1 bed house, rural, secluded in 8-10hrs sun, AVAILABLE NOW! #1
Gambia CHEAP 1 bed house, rural, secluded in 8-10hrs sun, AVAILABLE NOW! #2
Gambia CHEAP 1 bed house, rural, secluded in 8-10hrs sun, AVAILABLE NOW! #3
Gambia CHEAP 1 bed house, rural, secluded in 8-10hrs sun, AVAILABLE NOW! #4

Ad Details: Gambia CHEAP 1 bed house, rural, secluded in 8-10hrs sun, AVAILABLE NOW! Serekunda, Gambia, GM

Price: GMD 650,000

This shabby-chic, rustic Farmhouse is a newly built home, ready to be lived in! Fully plastered inside and out now.

It can be found hidden away, in a quiet, secluded part of The Gambia. 

This property is a perfect opportunity for a self-sufficient smallholding, 2nd home or anyone who likes the idea of practically COST FREE LIVING!

It has 1 large bedroom with built-in bed, tables and shelving; a storage room; sitting room area with built-in prayer/sunset viewing chair and additional yoga space. An African style feature wall divides bedroom and seating area and there is a wash room with self operated flushing toilet and shower drain, plumbed into a 2mX2m sq underground septic tank. There is basic solar power for light and charging.

Simple Gambian houses rarely have a 'kitchen' as such, as food is either cooked on a gas cylinder or over open fire.

There are Royal Blue mosquito nets fitted to each window and both doors, which serve to keep the bugs out, without reducing light inside the property, although I can honestly say there dont seem to be large amounts of insects there.

It comes complete with a pulley-operated drinking water well that meets European  safety standards.

The farmhouse sits within 30m by 30m sq of garden, amidst farmland. There is a verandah to the front that points at a wavering palmtree and a cashew nut tree- which plays host to many small, colourful birds.

The views are rural to all sides with just a couple of unused farm buildings in sight, that don't detract from the view. The garden is fenced with posts and barbwire.

There is plenty of space for a vegetable patch; keeping chickens/ small livestock; creating a flower garden or extending the house. Even a pool is pos!

Its location is tucked inland about 5km, adjacent to the coastline area of Tujering in the tiny village of Kunkajung Mariama. It is roughly 6km from the nearest white sandy beach and the busy fish landing market village of Tanji.

Lovely deserted beaches are also just a stones throw away.

It is not JUST property that's for sale here, its a whole new, relaxed lifestyle! If "The simple life" appeals, this place is for you! 

The home is designed for 1-2 people, to be extremely low cost and economical, with Building Maintenance (new build so shouldn't be any), Residency fee (aprox £50 per yr) and occasional septic tank emptying (aprox every 5yrs for 2 people), being the only real and noticable costs in living here. 

Land tax is nominal. Mine comes to D100 per year (aprox £2.30).  

Water is free in Gambia and no heating is required due to the reliable climate. The temperatures here average around 28C annually.

Gambia is an affordable, paradyllic, sub-tropical location that is drastically cheaper to live in than the UK and Europe. The USA and Carribean even more so, yet it has many similarities with these destinations to offer, such as endless beaches'; warm seas'; slower pace of life and stable weather. Yet Gambia has no immigration bureaucracy and no hurricanes either!

There are NO RESTRICTIONS on foreigners buying or owning land here and the land can be used for ANYTHING you like. Gaining RESIDENCY is also no problem for anyone and your financial status isn't required to be disclosed.

I am the sole owner of the land and hold the official 'Transfer of Property' document, (I can send you a photo of it).  A sale in Gambia can happen the same day that you view the property if time is of the essence. However, if you prefer to hire a lawyer and go that route, you will have my full co-operation.

(Withdrawing money from an overseas account whilst in Gambia, is set at a limit of £350 per day, so extracting large sums will take weeks to gather unless a buyer already has a Gambian bank account. The easiest way is to arrange a bank transfer with your own bank. This comes with lower charges than daily withdrawals.)

No land surrounding the farmhouse is lived on at present, making this a haven for peace and quiet. Just the breeze and the birds to hear.

A small hamlet with 3 shops to cover your basic needs is nearby and there's also a tiny market 2km away with fresh goods.

A bumpy sand road connects K.M with the rest of the world, with a very regular bus service that shakes you about and squeezes you in, but gets you there! Your own bike or 4x4 car are sensible options' too, as the bus doesn't come so near to the village during Aug-Nov due to standing water.

The area has good wifi and mobile phone signal -advantagous for those who don't want to completely give up worldly living or maybe want to start a business from home. 

The people here are warm and friendly to foreigners.

I am a British ex-pat and I build and sell "Affordable homes" here in Gambia.


For any questions, please contact me at or via whatsApp  There's no voicemail facility in Gambia.

This is a unique chance to get on the overseas property ladder with a quality new build, that's affordable to low earners or those who just don't like to spend more than they need to!








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